We found love in friendship,’ says campus couple Sukhjit and Simran

Love doesn’t need words to express. It’s a feeling that warms your heart. For 30-year-old Sukhjit Singh and 27-year-old Simranjeet Kaur, love was just taking their friendship a step forward.
“When and how we fell in love, we don’t know. We discovered love in our friendship. It seems we were bound to be together,” said Sukhjit Singh, a project manager at Campustvindia.com and owner of Sukh Studios, a joint venture of the couple.
Sukhjit was Simranjeet’s senior at the department of botany, Panjab University. “Though Sukhjit was my senior, we had the same friend circle, so we started hanging out together. So we got to know each other better and eventually discovered love,” said Simranjeet, a PhD scholar at the university.
“I had my eyes set on her the first day I saw her. She was the prettiest junior,” said Sukhjit. To which Simranjeet added, “He just keeps joking all the time. Even now I don’t get to know when he is serious and when he is just fooling around. One moment, he would express his love and the very next moment he would start laughing. He just kept confusing me.” So who was the first one to confess their love? “After some time, I thought I should propose to her and when I did, I was shocked to know that she felt the same,” said Sukhjit.
Like every relationship, they too had their share of ups and downs, but they sailed through it together. There came a point when Sukhjit wanted to leave his PhD in botany to pursue a masters degree in mass communication.“It was the time when I decided to leave my PhD degree to pursue masters in another course. That was the time she stood by me and her faith helped me to take that risk. I realised she was the perfect partner,” said Sukhjit.
After a relationship of around seven years, the couple finally tied the knot in January this year. So what was reaction from the families?“My sister knew about him, as I had confided in her and she had been supportive right from the beginning. But when I told my family members about Sukhjit, they said they would first meet the guy and then decide,” said a shy Simran. “But after they met him, they agreed,” she added.
Cracking the chemistry
Each other’s annoying habits
Sukhjit: She’s very extravagant
Simran: The list has only got longer since we got married
Issues you fight about:
Sukhjit: I always avoid fights
Simran: Actually we don’t need any issue to fight over. We fight without issues
Who says sorry first?
Sukhjit: Me of course, even if it’s not my mistake (laughs)
Simran: I expect him to say sorry even though I make mistakes. Many times we resolve our issues without apologising to each other
Who’s the boss?
Sukhjit: No comments
Simran: I think I am the one who bosses around
Relationship advice
Sukhjit: Be practical
Simran: Frustrations, arguments and disagreements are usually happen through misunderstandings and poor communication. If we can effectively and honestly say what we mean in a clear and expressive way, we save our relationships, and more so ourselves in return

Courtesy : HT Chandigarh


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