Pre-Wedding Shoot- Robin and Prakriti.

This lovely couple had an awesome time in a vintage-themed shoot with tonnes of emotions and loads of fun! If you are getting married soon, book your Pre-wedding shoot with us and avail special packages at rock bottom prices. Hurry! Offer only for festive period!

The starting of a new life is akin to a journey. When two people get married, it is no less than the beginning of a lifelong journey together.

Hand in hand, eyes in eyes, souls bound together, arms interlocked, the beginning of love is sweet like the sweetest thing created on this planet.

In life, like in a journey, there are ups and downs, there are struggles and comforts, there are tough times and celebrations. Lifetime is a long time, commitment to spend this eternity together is the biggest commitment anyone can promise anyone.

When they came together, it was like the waterfall on the hot land, it was like the dew drops on parched leaves, it was like sunlight on a cold day and it was like love in a heathen land.

When their eyes saw, they saw one thing, when their lips spoke, they said one thing, when their hands touched, the touch meant one thing- that one thing, that one meaning, that one feeling…LOVE

Intimacy between two lovers is not just physical, intimacy is emotional, intimacy is mental, intimacy of two souls is an art. It means that two souls are intertwined so closely that they understand the language of each other’s hearts without words, without expressions.

Her one look is enough to spark romance, her one touch is enough to lighten up senses, her one smile is enough to inspire dreams, Her company is everything to him, more than the treasures of the deepest seas, more than the stars of the highest skies, her companionship is what he years for, she is the one he pines for. She is the one he’s made for.

Travelling together is another beautiful experience for those in love. The little reminders of togetherness, sitting across each other, looking shyly into each other’s eyes, the occasional and unintentional contact, looking at admirable sights together, laughing at things that don’t matter, everything is beautiful, everything reeks of love.


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